Digital Storytelling

At FishNet, we don’t “Spray and Pray” like other agencies to get coverage. Instead, we rely on our deep media relationships that have taken years to develop. If your story is not a good fit for a reporter or outlet, we won’t pitch it. We also spend a lot of time interviewing client teams in order to come up with interesting and compelling story angles. In fact, digital storytelling is at the heart of what we do and helps make your news both relatable and easy to understand. We also believe in providing transparent, measurable information to help our clients make better business decisions. See below for some examples of our deliverables.


Setting goals and times is one of the most important steps in the public relations process. Not only do they keep you on track but they help measure performance and results. See below for an example.

Analytics & KPIs

Peter Drucker famously stated, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” At Fishnet we agree and track a range of useful KPIs including coverage, potential reach, social engagement, media outreach, impressions and more.

Media Lists

We subscribe to Cision, Mention, ProfNet, HARO, and other PR services giving us exclusive access to reporters and media outlets across the world. Our team painstakingly creates custom lists for each and every campaign.


Full disclosure we’re just getting started with dashboards. We’re in the process of building out technology that allows clients to monitor custom PR & Marketing KPIs in real-time.